Koobface Worm

In your social networking sites, have you experienced getting comments, messages, notifications from your friends telling you to view a site but you end up getting nothing when you click on it? Once a user clicks on the link (or at times, pictures), it will go to a site which installs a virus into the user's computer. Once installed, it will send out links via the user's social network account (Facebook, Myspace, Friendster, etc.) without the user's knowledge. This is a scam that is taking over social networks nowadays since they have no control whatsoever over it. So how do you safeguard your account from this malicious worm?

1. Do not accept invitations/messages/comments automatically. Try to filter out the legitimate ones.
2. Be on the lookout on suspicious links in messages. Some messages may contain pictures of a girl stripteasing on a webcam or sometimes a chipmunk toon clip.
3. Warn other users, friends, etc. and notify system administrators.
4. Update your antivirus definition files.

Arm yourself with knowledge.