VIPeers Beta Invites

If you are uploading and sharing stuff on the internet (legally and illegally speaking), do you use:

1. one-click hosts for direct download?
2. old style peer-to-peer technology?
3. torrents?
4. all of the above?

If you answered 'YES' on any one of the questions above, then you must try VIPeers! Though it is only in beta and the system is invite only, you can go over to THIS PAGE about it and you *might* receive and early holiday gift from them.

Taken from VIPeer's 'About' page:

VIPeers® is a new file sharing Web-site where people can upload files and share them on the Web very easily.

VIPeers can handle any type of file such as video, music, photos and it is the best choice for sharing high definition content as it does not have any size limitation.

VIPeers helps you share your content with your friends, family or co-workers in a couple of mouse-clicks. It is in fact the first service of its kind to offer Direct Download Links as well as assisted BitTorrent distribution.

"VIPeers" is also the new brand of our file sharing network which emerged 2 years ago as "Podmailing". Now that we offer many more sharing options than email, the Podmailing brand was holding us back. But don't worry, the Podmailing® service and software is still supported and continues to evolve as part of the wider VIPeers offer.

Interested? Get an account now!