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Removing Google Redirect Virus

What is Google redirect virus?

For those who still don’t know how this virus works, let me give you a “hands on” explanation. Say you are searching Google for some research works, assignments or just random browsing. You found what you are looking for, you click the link, but to your dismay, you’ve been brought to a different site. The next link you clicked also brought you to the same site. And the site has no connection to your searches or to the site you are trying to open. In other words–you’ve been redirected! Some of your computer programs  won’t run, without producing any error. Also, this Google redirect virus has a capacity to block sites.

Who  are usually the victim of this Google redirect virus?

Regular users like you are the usual victim of this Google redirect virus. This virus hijacks your Google searches and then redirect you to another website, that is usually a fake websites with advertisements or corrupted pages.

Where can you get Google Redirect Virus?

Don’t curse Google for this! Google has nothing to do with this virus. Blame it to the crazy head computer genius criminals who created and distributed the malware. You can usually get this annoying virus from visiting a malicious websites with unsecured browsers.

How can you get rid of Google Redirect Virus?

Of course that’s the question you want me to answer. You still don’t need to run to your computer technician or do some formatting to your computer. Follow the instruction below in removing the Google Redirect Virus.
If for some reason you are unable to download the file then TDSS may be blocking it. What you can do is to download TDSSKiller from a clean computer then transfer it to any external drive or USB flash drive.
  • Not that simple as  running a regular program. The creator of the google redirect virus is smart enough to know what TDSSKiller can do. But don’t worry we’re wiser than him. First, rename TDSSKiller by right-clicking the TDSSKiller.exe icon from your desktop and select RENAME. Now you can edit the name with any name you want but do not forget that it should end with the .com extension. For example,  asdfgh.com or 14344.com. Now that it is wearing a mask, you can proceed with the running of the program.
kaspersky tdsskiller scan How To Easily Remove Google Redirect Virus
  • Click the Start scan button to scan your computer for TDSS infection. It will then display a result screen to find out any infection was on your computer.
  • If the infection is on your computer, you can get rid of google redirect virus by clicking the Continue button. The TDSSKiller will now work on attempting to clear your computer from the infection. If you do not get the message Cure, then just choose the default action Skip and press Continue.  Do not attempt to change it to Delete or Quarantine as it may also delete the infected files that are needed for Windows to operate properly.
  • Once finished, it will give you a report stating whether the cleaning operation is successful. Reboot is required to finish the cleaning process, so click on the Reboot now button and let it finish the removal of the TDSS infection.

Removing  Google Redirect Virus using with FixTDSS.exe

fixtdss How To Easily Remove Google Redirect Virus
In some cases the TDSSKiller fails to do the job even after renaming the program. If you are unable to remove the virus using TDSSKiller, you can use FixTDSS by Symantec. Follow the steps below to remove google redirect virus using FixTDSS.
  • Run FixTDSS.exe then then click the Proceed button to begin the process and allow the tool to complete the cleaning
  • Restart your computer
  • After reboot, The tool will provide you the scan and cleaning results.
  • Check if the Google redirect virus is gone.
All set! Now your computer will be Google redirect virus free.

Top 20 Keyboard Shortcuts everyone should know

Keyboard shortcuts can speed up your productivity on a computer significantly. They usually replace multiple operations that are performed with the mouse with a set of keys that you need to press more or less simultaneously. Take the opening of the Windows Task Manager for instance. If you use the keyboard, you simply use the shortcut Ctrl-Shift-Esc to open the task manager on the system. Without the shortcut, you would have to search for the task manager (for instance in the start menu) to load it from there.
The following list highlights twenty important keyboard shortcuts that computer users should be familiar with.

Program shortcuts

  • Ctrl-a highlights everything in a folder or document.
  • Ctrl-c copies the selected item or text to the clipboard.
  • Ctrl-v pastes the contents of the clipboard into the active program.
  • Ctrl-f opens the search in many programs. All web browsers and the majority of Office applications for instance support this. F3 may work sometimes as well.
  • Ctlr-s saves a document or web page in many programs, including Office and web browsers.
  • Ctrl-z undos the last action.
  • Ctrl-left arrow moves the cursor to the beginning of the previous word, while Ctrl-right arrow to the beginning of the next word.
  • Ctrl-Shift-left arrow or right arrow highlights the full previous or next word.
  • Ctrl-Backspace deletes the word on the left of the cursor.
  • Ctrl-Home moves the cursor to the top of the document, while Ctrl-End to the end of it.
  • Esc cancels the current task.

Windows shortcuts

  • Ctrl-Shift-Esc opens the Windows Task Manager. (Windows 7 and newer)
  • Ctrl-Shift-click on a taskbar icon to open the program with administrative privileges.(Windows 7 and newer)
  • Shift-click on a taskbar icon to launch another instance of the program
  • Alt-Tab lets you switch between open programs and windows, Alt-Shift-Tab walks through the listing backwards.
  • Alt-F4 closes the active item or exits the active program
  • Alt-Esc cycles through the list of open programs in the order they have been opened.
  • Windows-d displays the desktop, while Windows-m minimizes all windows to show the desktop, andWindows-Shift-m restores the windows to their original position.
  • Windows-e opens My Computer in Windows Explorer
  • Windows-r opens the run box to start programs from there.
You find a full list of keyboard shortcuts for Windows at the Microsoft Products website. Shortcuts are listed here for all recent operating systems and other Microsoft products such as Office or Internet Explorer.

Article by Melanie Gross of gHacks

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