Bypass RapidShare & MegaUpload Limits

This is just an update for all the links you can find on the net for bypassing the download limits of these two popular one-click hosters. I don't even know why these are popular since they have the suckiest limitations you can ever think of (for free users of course). - Get links Megarotic

Enjoy the benefit of downloading like a premium member using the following services! Feedbacks are welcome!

Work in progress

Still on the setting-up phase. Scouring the web for linkbacks etc. If you are interested, this blog is open for link exchange. Just post a comment here and I'll contact you as soon as possible. Let's build our networks better!

Hello World!

First post. Just a background of sorts. This is my second blogging project which aims to use different earning schemes found on the internet. Pay-per-click, pay-per-post, advertisements and the likes will be reviewed every once in a while to validate their claims. Check this space out regularly for reviews, general rants and raves about anything and everything coming from a half-baked tech guy.