No TV? No problem.

With today's technology, it is easy for those who own a computer to watch TV shows and movies online. Web 2.0 paving the way for easy access to streaming media resources which quite frankly, has free tv shaking on its knees. You can either choose to use a program to watch online shows or just settle for your browser. Both of which will definitely consume your bandwidth significantly. There are of course legal concerns that may entail watching copyrighted stuff off the net so just be on the look out what sites and software are legitimate and what are those that are not. If you're not into streaming movies, you can always revert to downloading. Peer-to-peer technology has evolved from your basic Limewire, Kazaa, eMule and the likes into Torrents. Here are some streaming sites that I've found through googling:


Just a disclaimer: Some of these sites are just receiving broadcasts from their members thus the legality of which are still questionnable. If you have more sites to recommend, just add your find here.